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Máy CNC Leadwell
Máy CNC Leadwell

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LEADWELL’s mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. Using our 33 years of experience, the entire staff at LEADWELL pledges to bring innovation, quality assurance, world-class after sales service, and environmentally friendly machine tools to the worldwide marketplace. We strive to win the respect of both our customers and worldwide competitors alike.

Quality Is Our Nature

The staff at LEADWELL is of one mind on quality. In work and in life they strive for the very best. They follow not only the rules and regulations but take it to higher plane by keeping quality in all that they do. With this quality culture LEADWELL produces superior machinery.


The thinking organization makes the thinking machines. Quickly offer the stable products which can meet the customers’ needs. Gain the customers’ trust with service and quality.

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Máy phay cnc :V-22iF/iR V-30iF/iR V-32iF/iR V-32AF/AR  V-42iF/iR V-42AF/AR V-52AF/AR

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