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Leaderway CNC
Leaderway CNC

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Leaderway CNC Technologies Co., Limited, an integration Machinetools manufacturing company, emphasizes on new-product designs andapplied R&D, and produces CNC vertical machining centers andturning centers, Leaderway machining centers are available withPC-based, Computerized Numerical Control systems and softwareapplications. Leaderway Machinery has a worldwide sales, serviceand distribution network.

The computerized numerical control products consist primarily ofcomputerized machining systems (vertical machining centers, turningcenters and metal-cutting systems with high-speed spindles).Leaderway has a broad range of experience in dealing with the mostrigorous, critical, and demanding manufacturing technology sectors,including automobile, aerospace, medical. Leaderway has beeninvolved in the research, development, production, integration,modification and training of human resources in the advancedmanufacturing technology sector.

Các sản phẩm của Leaderway 

Máy phay cnc dạng 2 cột Bridge type machine: LX1610 LX2210 LX3220 LX3225 LX4225 LX5225 

Trung tâm gia công cnc V-series, Linear way : V450 V650 V33i V42i V42iW V1100 V1360

Trung tâm gia công CNC  MV-series, Box way : MV1300D MV1750S MV1750D MV1100S MV1100D MV1300S

Trung tâm gia công cnc 5 trục  5 axis machine UMC-1600 UMC-1000  5XA 600U  

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